1981 Honor Contributor

FOR THE RECORD:  2 term FINA President, 1968-1972 and 1976-1980; Contributor to the sport on local, national and international levels as a competitor, amateur coach, team captain, manager, delegate to congresses, president of swimming clubs, vice-president and president of state association, national federations, continental and international federations plus permanent member of the Mexican Olympic Committee.

Javier Ostos is the only man to be twice elected FINA President (1968-72 and 1976-80).  The popular Mexican came by his service as the head of the swimming world after a full apprenticeship at every level of swimming -- local, national and international.  Ostos began as a swimmer, diver and a water polo player at a club level.  he was team captain and later on amateur coach but his lasting contributions have been in the field of administration and legislation -- first as vice president then president of his state organization, then the national federation , regional, continental and finally as the only Mexican to succeed to the presidency of the world governing body of swimming.  He also served as a permanent member of the Mexican Olympic Committee and was host for all swimming disciplines at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

At one time (1968) when he was first elected President of FINA he was simultaneously swimming president of the Mexican Federation, the Central American and Caribbean Confederation and the Amateur Swimming Union of the Americas.  He was founder of the Central American Age-Group Swimming Championships, donated the Palenque head, a silver sculpture at the Swimming Hall of Fame honoring all Latin American swimmers of World prominence.  He has acted as judge, official or delegate at not less than 300 swimming competitions and meetings where his enthusiasm and Latin charm have gone a long way in solving the problems that always come up in competitive swimming.


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