ISHOF Honorees - C

Cady, Fred (1969) Coach, USA

Giorgio Cagnotto Cagnotto, Franco Giorgio (1992) Diver, ITA

Calcaterra, Re (2011) Honor Pioneer Contributor

Calkins, Michelle (2001) Honor Synchronized Swimmer, CAN

Callen, Gloria (1984) Swimmer, USA

Calligaris, Novella (1986) Swimmer, ITA

Cameron, James Malcolm "Taffy" (2003) Contributor, GBR

Cameron, Michelle (2000) Synchronized Swimmer, CAN

  Campbell, Jeannette (1991) Swimmer, ARG

Cann, Tedford (1967) Swimmer, USA

Capilla, Joaquin (1976) Diver, MEX

Caretto, Patty (1987) Swimmer, USA

  Carey, Rick (1993) Swimmer, USA

Carlile, Forbes (1976) Coach, AUS

Christine "Kiki" Caron

  Caron, Christine "Kiki" (1998) Swimmer, FRA

Carr, Cathy (1988) Swimmer, USA

Castagnetti, Alberto (2013) Coach, ITA

  Caulkins, Tracy (1990) Swimmer, USA

Cavill Family (1970) Contributors (6), AUS

  Center, George "Dad" (1991) Pioneer Coach, USA

Chadwick, Florence (1970) Swimmer, USA

Chandler, Jennifer (1987) Diver, USA

Charlton, Andrew "Boy" (1972) Swimmer, AUS

Chavoor, Sherman (1977) Coach, USA

Chi Lieh Yung (2013) Pioneer Swimmer, CHN

Clark, S. Earl (1972) Diver, USA

Clark, Steve (1966) Swimmer, USA

Clausen-Fryland, Stefani (1988) Pioneer Diver, DEN

  Cleveland, Richard (1991) Swimmer, USA

Clotworthy, Robert (1980) Diver, USA

Cody, Jack (1970) Coach, USA

Cohen, Tiffany (1996) Swimmer, USA

Coleman, Georgia (1966) Diver, USA

  Colwin, Cecil (1993) Contributor, CAN/RSA

Cone (Vanderbush), Carin (1984) Swimmer, USA

Cooper, Brad (1994) Swimmer, AUS

  Cooper, M. Joyce (1996) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Corsan, George, Sr. (1971) Contributor, CAN

  Costie, Candy (1995) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Cotton, Frank (1989) Pioneer Contributor, AUS

Counsilman, Dr. James (1976) Coach, USA

Cousteau, Jacques Yves (1967) Contributor, FRA

Cox, Lynne (2000) Open Water Swimmer, USA

Crabbe, Clarence "Buster" (1965) Swimmer, USA

Crapp, Lorraine (1972) Swimmer, AUS

Crlenkovich, Helen (1981) Diver, USA

Csik, Ferenc (1983) Swimmer, HUN

Cummins, Captain Bertram William "Bert" (1974) Contributor, GBR

Cureton Jr., Thomas K. (1980) Contributor, USA

Curtis, Ann (1966) Swimmer, USA

Curtis, Katherine "Kay" (1979) Synchro-Coach, USA

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