ISHOF Honorees - D

D'Altrui, Giuseppe (2010) Water Polo, ITA

D'Altrui, Marco (2010) Water Polo, ITA

Daland, Peter (1977) Coach, USA

Daniel, Ellie (1997) Swimmer, USA

Daniels, Charles M. "Charlie" (1965) Swimmer, USA

Darnyi, Tamas (2000) Swimmer, HUN

Darr, Flip (2006) Coach, USA
Daughters, Ray (1971) Coach, USA

Davies, John (1984) Swimmer, AUS

Davis, Charlotte (2014) Coach, USA

Davis, Victor (1994) Swimmer, CAN
Dawson, William "Buck" (1986) Contributor, USA

Thea de Wit (2005) Contributor, NED


  Dean, Penny (1996) Open Water Swimming, USA

Deburghgraeve, Fred (2008) Swimme, BEL

Degener, Dick (1971) Diver, USA

de Bruijn, Inge (2009) Honor Swimmer, NED
  deMagistris, Gianni (1995) Water Polo, ITA
  DeMont, Rick (1990) Swimmer, USA
  Dempsey, Frank (1996) Diver, USA
den Ouden, Willy (1970) Swimmer, Holland

Dennis, Clare (1982) Swimmer, AUS

Derbyshire, John Henry "Rob" (2005) Pioneer Swimmer/Water Polo/Coach, GBR

Desjardins, Pete (1966) Diver, USA

deVarona, Donna (1969) Swimmer, USA

Devitt, John (1979) Swimmer, AUS

Dibiasi, Carlo (2006) Honor Pioneer Coach, ITA
Klaus Dibiasi Dibiasi, Klaus (1981) Diver, ITA
Dolan, Tom (2006) Swimmer, USA
Dolgushin, Alexander (2010) Water Polo

Donath, Leo (1988) Pioneer Contributor, HUN

Dorfner, Olga (1970) Swimmer, USA

Draves, Lyle (1989) Coach, USA

Draves, Victoria "Vicki" Manalo  (1969) Diver, USA

Drigny, Emile Georges (1984) Contributor, FRA

Drysdale, Taylor (1994) Pioneer Swimmer, USA
Milena Duchkova  Duchkova, Milena (1983) Diver, CZE
Duenkel, Virginia (1985) Swimmer, USA

Dunbar, Barbara (2000) Masters Swimmer, USA

Fanny Durack  Durack, Fanny (1967) Swimmer, AUS
Dyroen-Lancer, Becky (2004) Synchronized Swimmer, USA
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