ISHOF Honorees - F

  Farago, Tamas (1993) Water Polo, HUN

Faricy, John (1990) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Farrell, Jeff (1968) Swimmer, USA

  Fassnacht, Hans (1992) Swimmer, GER

  Fauntz, Jane (1991) Pioneer Swimmer/Diver, USA

Ferguson, Cathy (1978) Swimmer, USA

Fern, Harold (1974) Contributor, GBR

Fick, Peter (1978) Swimmer, USA

Finneran, Sharon (1985) Swimmer, USA

Firby, Howard (1985) Coach, CAN

Flanagan, Ralph (1978) Swimmer, USA

Fioravanti, Domenico (2012) Swimmer, ITA

Fletcher, Jennie (1971) Swimmer, GBR

Ford, Alan (1966) Swimmer, USA

Ford, Michelle (1994) Swimmer, AUS

Gerald Forsberg, OBE  

Forsberg, Gerald
(1998) Pioneer Open Water Contributor, GBR

Franklin, Benjamin (1968) Contributor, USA

Fraser, Dawn (1965) Swimmer, AUS

Frechette, Sylvie (2003) Synchronized Swimmer, CAN

Freeman, Mary (1988) Coach/Contributor, USA

Fu, Mingxia (2005) Diver, CHN
Fullard-Leo, Ellen (1974) Contributor, USA

Fulton, Patty Robinson (2001) Masters Diver, USA

Furniss, Bruce (1987) Swimmer, USA

Furuhashi, Hironoshin (1967) Swimmer, JPN

Furukawa, Masaru (1981) Swimmer, JPN

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