ISHOF Honorees - G

  Gaines, Rowdy (1995) Swimmer, USA

Gallagher, Harry (1984) Coach, AUS

Galligan, Claire (1970) Swimmer, USA

Gambril, Don (1983) Coach, USA

Gao Min  

Gao, Min
(1998) Diver, CHN

  Garatti-Saville, Eleanor (1992) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

  Garton, Tim (1997) Masters Swimmer, USA

Gate, George (1989) Coach, CAN

Gathercole, Terry (1985) Swimmer, AUS

Gestring, Marjorie (1976) Diver, USA

Giron, Carlos (2001) Diver, MEX

  Glancy, Harrison (1990) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Gleitze, Mercedes (2014) Honor Pioneer Open Water Swimmer, GBR

Godfrey, Eldon (2012) Contributor, CAN

Gompf, Tom (2002) Contributor, USA

Goodell, Brian (1986) Swimmer, USA

Goodwin, Budd (1971) Swimmer, USA

Gossick, Sue (1988) Diver, USA

Gould, Shane (1977) Swimmer, AUS

Graef, Jed (1988) Swimmer, USA

Grinham, Judy (1981) Swimmer, GBR

Griswold, Larry (2010) Pioneer Comedy Diver, USA
  Gross, Michael (1995) Swimmer, GER

  Guest, Irene (1990) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Gundling, Beulah (1965) Aquatic Artist, USA

   Gunst, Fritz (1990) Pioneer Water Polo, GER

Gunther, Paul (1988) Pioneer Diver, GER

  Guthrie, Frank (1991) Coach, AUS

  Gyarmati, Andrea (1995) Swimmer, HUN

Gyarmati, Dezso (1976) Water Poloist, HUN

Gyenge, Valerie (1978) Swimmer, HUN

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