ISHOF Honorees - H

Hackett, Grant (2014) Swimming, AUS

Haines, George (1977) Coach, USA
Alfred Hajos  Hajos, Alfred (1966) Swimmer, HUN

Halasy, Oliver (1978) Water Polo, HUN

Hall Sr., Gary (1981) Swimmer, USA
Hall Jr., Gary (2013) Swimmer, USA

Hall, Kaye (1979) Swimmer, USA

Halmay, Zoltan (1968) Swimmer, HUN

   Hamuro, Tetsuo (1990) Swimmer, JPN

Handley, Louis deBreda Handley (1967) Coach, USA

Handy, Jamison (1965) Contributor, USA

Hannula, Dick (1987) Coach, USA

  Happe, Ursula (1997) Swimmer, GER

  Harding, Phyllis (1995) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Harlan, Bruce (1973) Diver, USA

Don Harper  

Harper, Don
(1998) Diver, USA

Harrison, Joan (1982) Swimmer, RSA

Harup, Karen (1975) Swimmer, DEN

Harvey, Guy (2010) Gold Medallion, JAM

Hase, Dagmar (2013) Swimmer, GER

Hashizume, Shiro (1992) Swimmer, JPN

Hatfield, John Gatenby "Jack" (1984) Swimmer/Water Polo, GBR

Healy, Cecil (1981) Swimmer, AUS

Hearn, George (1986) Pioneer Contributor, GBR

Hebner, Harry (1968) Swimmer, USA

Heidenreich, Jerry (1992) Swimmer, USA

Helmick, Bob (2007) Contributor, USA

Hencken, John (1988) Swimmer, USA

Henne, Jan (1979) Swimmer, USA

Henning, Dr. Harold (1979) Contributor, USA

  Henning, Thor (1992) Pioneer Swimmer, SWE

Henricks, Jon (1973) Swimmer, AUS

Henry, William (1974) Contributor, GBR

Herford, Sam (1992) Coach, AUS

Heyns, Penny (2007) Swimmer, RSA

Hickcox, Charles (1976) Swimmer, USA

Higgins, John (1971) Swimmer, USA

Hoad, Thomas (2011) Contributor, AUS

Hodgson, George (1968) Swimmer, CAN

Falk Hoffman

Hoffman, Falk
(1999) Diver, GDR

Hoffman, Robert M. (2001) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Hogan, Peg (2002) Masters Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Hogshead, Nancy (1994) Swimmer, USA

  Holiday, Harry (1991) Swimmer, USA

Holland, Steve (1989) Swimmer, AUS

Holm, Eleanor (1966) Swimmer, USA

Holman, Frederick (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Homonnay, Marton (1971) Water Polo, HUN

Hoppenberg, Ernst (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, GER

Hopping, Bruce (2014) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Hough, Richard (1970) Swimmer, USA

Hu Jia (2013) Diver, CHN

Hundeby, Chad (2012) Open Water Swimmer

  Hunt Newman, Virginia (1993) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Hunyadfi, Stefen (1969) Coach, HUN/ITA/USA

Hutton, Ralph (1984) Swimmer, CAN

Hveger, Ragnhild (1966) Swimmer, DEN

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