ISHOF Honorees - M

Maglione, Julio (2012) Contributor, URU

McCaffree, Charles (1976) Contributor, USA

  McCormick, Glen (1995) Coach, USA
Kelly McCormick

McCormick, Kelly
(1999) Diver, USA

McCormick, Pat (1965) Diver, USA

McDermott, Michael "Turk" (1969) Swimmer, USA

McGillivray, Perry (1981) Swimmer, USA

McGowan, Judy (2009) Contributor, USA
McGrath, Margo (1989) Synchronized Swimmer, USA
Tim McKee

McKee, Tim
(1998) Swimmer, USA

Lillian MacKellar   MacKellar, Lillian "Billie" (1993) Pioneer Coach/Contrib/Synchro, USA/CAN/NZL

McKenzie, Don (1989) Swimmer, USA

  McKim, Josephine (1991) Pioneer Swimmer, USA
McKinney, Frank (1975) Swimmer, USA

McLane, Jimmy (1970) Swimmer, USA

Madison, Helene (1966) Swimmer, USA

Hideko Maehata   Maehata, Hideko (1979) Swimmer, JPN
Majoni, Mario (1972) Water Polo, ITA

  Makino, Shozo (1991) Swimmer, JPN
Malmrot, Hakan (1980) Swimmer, SWE

Matt Mann II Mann II, Matt (1965) Coach, USA/GBR
Mann, Shelley (1966) Swimmer, USA

Mann, Thompson (1984) Swimmer, USA

Markovits, Kalman (1994) Water Poloist, HUN
Marshall, John (1973) Swimmer, AUS
G. Harold Martin  

Martin, G. Harold
(1999) Pioneer Contributor, USA

Hendrika Mastenbroek Mastenbroek, Hendrika (1968) Swimmer, Holland (NED)
 Matsuzawa, Ikkaku (2009) Coach, JPN
Roland Matthes  Matthes, Roland (1981) Swimmer, GDR
Meyer, Debbie (1977) Swimmer, USA

McGowan, Judy (2009) Contributor/Synchronized Swimming, USA

  Meagher, Mary T. (1993) Swimmer, USA
Meany, Helen (1971) Diver, USA

Medica, Jack (1966) Swimmer, USA

Maxine Merlino

Merlino, Maxine
(1999) Masters Swimmer, USA

   Metschuck, Caren (1990) Swimmer, GDR
Meyer, Debbie (1977) Swimmer, USA

Milanovic, Igor (2006) Water Polo Player, YUG
Minville, Alban (1980) Coach, FRA

Betsy Mitchell  
Mitchell, Betsy
(1998) Swimmer, USA

  Mitchell, Michele (1995) Diver, USA
Miyazaki, Yasuji (1981) Swimmer, JPN

  Moe, Karen (1992) Swimmer, USA
Montgomery, Jim (1986) Swimmer, USA

Montgomery, Peter (2013) Contributor, AUS

Moore, Belle (1989) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Adrian Moorhouse  Moorhouse, Adrian (1999) Swimmer, GBR
Pablo Morales  

Morales, Pablo
(1998) Swimmer, USA
Moriarty, Phil (1980) Coach, USA

Morris, Pamela (1965) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Morton, Lucy (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Mowerson, Bob (1986) Coach, USA
Mu Chengkuan & Mu Xiangxiong (2013) Pioneer Swimmer, CHN

  Mueller, Ardeth (1996) Masters Swimmer, USA
Muir, Bob (1989) Pioneer Coach, USA

Muir, Debbie (2007) Synchronized Swimming Coach, CAN

Muir, Karen (1980) Swimmer, RSA
Mulliken, Bill (1984) Swimmer, USA

  Munoz, Felipe (1991) Swimmer, MEX
  Murakami, Katsuyoshi (1997) Coach, JPN
  Murphy, Kevin (2009) Open Water Swimmer, GBR
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