ISHOF Honorees - P

Padou, Henri (1970) Water Polo, FRA

Pankratov, Denis (2004) Swimmer, RUS
Papenguth, Richard (1986) Coach, USA

Parrington, Frank (1986) Pioneer Diver, GBR

Patnik, Al (1969) Diver, USA

  Pedersen, Susan (1995) Swimmer, USA
Peppe, Mike (1966) Coach, USA

Petranech, Dale (2014) Honor Open Water Swimming Contributor USA

Perkins, Kieren (2006) Swimmer, AUS
   Phillips, William Berge (1997) Contributor, AUS
Picornell, Bernardo (1993) Pioneer Contributor, ESP
Pinkston, Betty Becker (1967) Diver, USA

Pinkston, Clarence (1966) Coach, USA

  Pizzo, Eraldo (1990) Water Polo, ITA
Plentinex, Joseph (1988) Pioneer Water Polo, BEL  

Plit, Claudio (2014) Honor Open Water Swimmer, ARG  

Poliansky, Igor (2002) Swimmer, (URS)  

Pollack, Andrea (1987) Swimmer, GDR

Pope, Paula Jean Meyers (1979) Diver, USA

Popov, Aleksandr (2009) Swimmer, RUS

Potter, Cynthia (1987) Diver, USA

Poynton, Dorothy (1968) Diver, USA

Prada, Jesus Miguel Rollan (2012) Water Polo, ESP

William Prew  

Prew, William
(1998) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Prozumenshikova, Galina (1977) Swimmer, USSR

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