ISHOF Honorees - S

Saari, Roy (1976) Swimmer, USA

Evgeni Sadovyi

Sadovyi, Evgeni
(1999) Swimmer, EUN

Sakamoto, Soichi (1966) Coach, USA

Sebastian Salinas Abril

Salinas Abril, Sebastian
(1999) Contributor, PER

  Salnikov, Vladimir (1993) Swimmer, USSR
Sanders, Summer (2002) Swimmer, USA

Mirko Sandic

Sandic, Mirko (1999) Water Polo Player, YUG

Imre Sarosi Sarosi, Imre (1981) Coach, HUN
Sarsfield, Norman (2014) Contributor, GBR
Sava, Charlie (1970) Coach, USA

Savery, Jill (2008) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Schaeffer, E. Carroll (1968) Swimmer, USA

Otto Scheff Scheff, Otto (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, AUT
Schlueter, Walt (1978) Coach, USA

Schneider, Petra (1989) Swimmer, GDR

Schneyder, Nathalie (2013) Synchronized Swimmer, USA

Schoenfield, Al (1985) Contributor, USA

Scholes, Clarke (1980) Swimmer, USA

Schollander, Don (1965) Swimmer, USA

Hilde Schrader Schrader, Hilde (1994) Pioneer Swimmer, GER
Schroeder, Terry (2002) Water Polo Player, USA  

Mark Schubert   Schubert, Mark (1997) Coach, USA  
Schuler, Carolyn (1989) Swimmer, USA

Seller, Peg (1988) Pioneer Synchronized Swimming/Coach, CAN

Senff, Nida (1983) Swimmer, Holland (NED)

Sharonov, Yevgeny (2003) Water Polo Player (RUS)

Shaw, Tim (1989) Swimmer/Water Polo, USA

Sheldon, George (1989) Pioneer Diver, USA

Shuwei, Sun (2007) Diver, CHN

  Sietas, Erwin (1992) Pioneer Swimmer, GER

Silipo, Carlo (2014) Water Polo, ITA
Silvia, Charles (1976) Contributor, USA
Farid Simaika  Simaika, Farid (1982) Diver, EGY
  Sitzberger, Ken (1994) Diver, USA
Skelton, Robert (1988) Pioneer Swimmer, USA

Skinner, John Alexander "Jonty" (1985) Swimmer, RSA

Smith, Bill (1966) Swimmer, USA

Smith, Caroline (1988) Pioneer Diver, USA

Smith, Charles (1981) Water Polo, GBR
Smith, Dick (1979) Diving Coach, USA

Smith, Harold "Dutch" (1979) Diver, USA

  Smith, James "Jimmy" (1992) Pioneer Water Polo, USA
Smith, R. Jackson (1983) Contributor, USA

Deryk Snelling Snelling, Deryk (1993) Coach, CAN/GBR
Sostar, Aleksander (2011) Water Polo, SRB

Wallace Spence  Spence Brothers: Walter, Leonard, Wallace (1967) Swimmers, British Guiana
Spitz, Mark (1977) Swimmer, USA

Stack, Allen (1979) Swimmer, USA

Stager, Gus (1982) Coach, USA

Steedman, Charles (2000) Pioneer Contributor, GBR/AUS

Carrie Steinseifer

Steinseifer, Carrie (1999) Swimmer, USA  

Stender, Jan (1973) Coach, NED

Stephens, Murray (2010) Coach, USA

Sterkel, Jill (2002) Swimmer, USA

Stewart, Melvin (2002) Swimmer, USA

 Stickles, Edward "Ted" (1995) Swimmer, USA

Stock, Tom (1989) Swimmer, USA

Stouder, Sharon (1972) Swimmer, USA

Streeter, Alison (2006) Open Water Swimmer, GBR
Sudduth, Jill (2012) Synchronized Swimmer

Sundstrom, Gus (1995) Pioneer Coach/Contributor, USA

Swendsen, Clyde (1991) Pioneer Diver/Coach/Water Polo, USA

Szabo, Jozsef (2012) Swimmer, HUN

Széchy, Tamás (2011) Coach, HUN

Szekely, Eva (1976) Swimmer, HUN

  Szivos, Istvan, Jr. (1996) Water Polo, HUN
  Szivos, Istvan, Sr. (1997) Water Polo, HUN
Szoke, Katalin (1985) Swimmer, HUN
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