Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial

Conceived and donated by the New England Marathon Swimming Association in honor of Irving Davids and Captain Roger W. Wheeler, this award recognizes contributors to the administration of open water swimming.



Shelley Taylor-Smith
Shelley Taylor-Smith  

After a very distinguished marathon swimming career holding the women’s number one world ranking for seven consecutive years (1988-1995), Shelley became the Honorary Secretary of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, responsible for the committee’s correspondence and meeting agendas. She oversees the entire FINA OpenWater Swimming programs and activities and served as a FINA OpenWater Official at FINAWorld Championships and other events. Her autobiography, DangerousWhenWet, has helped many marathon swimmers in physical and mental preparation. She is a motivational keynote speaker, champion mindset trainer and has a daily inspirational e-mail service, Your Taylor-Made Solutions.


Previous Award Recipients...

1970  Joe Grossman
1971  Gerald Forsberg
1972  Buck Dawson
1973  Willy van Rysel
1974  Jerry Nason
1975  R. and A. Scott

1976  Aquatique Club Dulac St. Jean
1977  Connie Wennerberg
1978  Charles E. Silvia
1979  Dennis Matuch
1980-2001  Award Retired
2002  James J. Doty
2003  British Long Distance Swimming Association

2004  Roger & Val Parsons
2005  Lynn Blouin
2006  Dale Petranech
2007  Silvia Dalotto


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