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SwimTalker Combo Package

SwimTalker Combo PackageQuantity in Basket:none

Combo Package:

WAS - $359

NOW - $300

The International Swimming Hall of Fame’s SwimTalker™

Combo package includes:

  • 1 x 3 channel SwimTalker transmitter + charger
  • 1 x 3 channel SwimTalker headset + charger
  • 1 lapel microphone with clip

extra headset + Charger  $100 each

The ISHOF SwimTalkerTM is an ideal product for Open Water swimming and triathlon coaches. Using bone conduction technology, the coach is now empowered with the ability to instruct swimmers in real time, from the side of the pool or from a boat, while the swimmer’s head is in the water swimming. Before the swim coach had to wait until the swimmer had finished the end of the swim or swim set. By this time the swimmer has already repeated countless incorrect swimming stokes.

Technique Training
Having the ability to tell the swimmer to 'get their elbow up higher, a bit more, more, that  - helping the swimmer about special awareness is very important. What the swimmers thinks is right is allot of the time is not correct and with the ISHOF SwimTalker TM you can give them advice they need while training.

Stroke Count, Stroke Rate and Temp Training
In addition to technique, providing real time feedback on stroke rate or tempo while the swimmer is swimming can produce great dividends for the swimmer.

Range and Multiple Swimmers
The SwimTalker transmitter is able to communicate with up to 15 swimmers on one channel, so you can communicate with swimmers (alert them to dangers or keep them on course) when they are spread over a distance of up to 150 yards from the transmitter. 

Multiple Channels
Each transmitter and receiver has 3 channels, which gives trainers options for the number of coaches and swimmers using them at the same time.

Want to jazz up long hard training sessions then plug in your iPhone or mp3 player and give your swimmer the opportunity to swim to music together.

Bone Conduction Technology
The SwimTalker system allows athletes to hear the same high quality sound while they're in the water that they're accustomed to hearing while running, biking, at the gym or just talking face to face. While using bone conduction technology you eliminate any ear plug issue such as not sealing or falling out of the ear.

Extra Headset Was $150, Now - $100

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