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On August 16, 2008, Michael Phelps stood on top of the lane five starting block for the 100 meter butterfly final, poised to make his mark on Olympic history. On top of the block in lane four was his Serbian rival, Milorad Cavic. Underwater, beneath the two starting blocks, was a camera, electronically controlled by legendary Sports Illustrated photographer, Heinz Kluetmeier. At the gun, Cavic jumped into the lead and led by nearly a body length at the turn. As the swimmers approached the wall, with Cavic inches from stopping Phelps' quest for eight gold medals, Kluetmeier’s camera started clicking as Phelps reached over the water for his final half-stroke, brought his hands down through the water and touched the wall .01 seconds before Cavic finished his glide to the wall and swiped the gold medal. The Serbian delegation filed a protest, but conceded that Phelps won after reviewing Kluetmeier’s underwater photos. Now, thanks to Heinz Kluetmeier, you can own the iconic image of the Beijing Games and most famous photograph in Olympic swimming history, personally signed by both Michael Phelps and Milorad Cavic.

Now, You Can Own
a Limited-Edition, fine art print of the most famous photograph in Olympic swimming history, personally signed by both
Michael Phelps & Milorad Cavic.

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limited-edition signed print now!
Michael & Mike
Each picture is personally signed by Michael Phelps &
Michael Cavic
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Watch video of the race

Watch video of the rematch in 2009

Watch Phelps, Cavic and Kluetmeier discuss the photo interview with photographer Heinz Kluetmeier
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