Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

1978  Charles E. Silvia

1911 - 1998


Charles “Red” Silvia was an American swimming coach who trained New England based marathon swimmers for English Channel attempts and was instrumental in organizing many local marathon swims. In 1973, Davis Hart, one of Silvia's swimmers, set the record for the English Channel.


Silvia won a New England Championship and set several college records as an athlete. He coached and taught life-saving procedures at Springfield College, Massachusetts during a 41 year career. His teams won 214 meets and ten New England Championships.


In 1970 there were some 700 college coaches in the United States and more than half of them were Silvia’s swimmers.


He was inducted in 1976 into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honor Contributor for having coached more than 200 All-American swimmers, including Olympic gold medalist Bill Yorzyk. He served as its fourth president and later as the Chairman of the ISHOF.


He received The Irving Davids / Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award 1978 for his contributions to the administration of open water swimming.

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