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Stephanie Rice from Australia

June Honoree Birthdays

2- Johnny Weissmuller (USA) Honor Swimmer
2- Giorgio Cagnotto (ITA) Honor Diver
3- Forbes Carlile (AUS) Honor Coach
5- Susie Atwood (USA) Honor Swimmer
6- Jozsef Nagy (HUN, USA, CAN, ESP) Honor Coach
9- Michael Read (GBR) Honor Open Water Swimmer
11- Tiffany Cohen (USA) Honor Swimmer
11- Ellie Daniel (USA) Honor Swimmer
11- Megan Neyer (USA) Honor Diver
13 - Jennifer Chandler (USA) Honor Diver
14 – Katherine Rawls (USA) Honor Diver/Swimmer
15-  Denes Kemeny (HUN) Honor Coach
15 – Kaye Hall (USA) Honor Swimmer
17 – Stephanie Rice (AUS) Honor Swimmer
17 – Steve Clark (USA) Honor Swimmer
26 - Alessandro Campagna (ITA) Honor Water Polo Player
27 – Sylvie Frechette (CAN) Honor Diver
29 – John Hencken (USA) Honor Swimmer
30- Mirko Vicevic (YUG) Honor Water Polo Player

 Micki King, Diver
One in a Thousand Member Story

Micki King, ISHOF Honoree and 1972 Olympic gold medalist is special.  She is One in a Thousand!

When asked why she wanted to join the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s One in a Thousand Club, King said, “From way back in the early Michigan, Buck Dawson days it has been part of my DNA, it’s in my blood.  I’m loyal to that and I’d never let that go.  I guess I wanted to make it official!”

Read more about King's diving background and her childhood in Michigan.

Read About Micki King
 Tom Gompf, Diver
One in a Thousand Member Story

Tom Gompf,  ISHOF Honoree and 1964 Olympic medalist is special.  He is One in a Thousand!

When asked why he wanted to join the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s One in A Thousand Club, Gompf said,It’s almost reverent to me to be able to walk through the Hall and to see the history of our sport.  To be able to visit the museum and see all our friends, each time I am there.  Even today when I am at the Hall, it is always thrilling to be able to relive my career, as well as the careers of all the other greats in our sport!  Tom is One in a Thousand!

Read more about Gompf's childhood in Ohio, his high diving background, and his time on the US Olympic Committee Board of Directors.

Read About Tom Gompf
Dale Neuberger Collection ISHOF
 ISHOF Receives Dale Neuburger Collection

ISHOF was lucky enough to receive a large donation of memorabilia from longtime ISHOF friend and former Board Member, Mr. Dale Neuburger.  Neuburger’s collection, that he generously gave to ISHOF, dates to 1982, when Dale was the first manager of the Natatorium in Indianapolis.  Some of the earliest items in Neuburger’s collection are from the 1984 USA Swimming Olympic Trials that were held at the Natatorium in Indianapolis. 


Read More About the Neuburger Collection
Tom Hairabidean passes away
 MISHOF Honor Diver Passes Away at 96

Masters hall of fame diver Tom Hairabidean passed away on Sunday at the age of 96. He was inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame in 2007 with five World Championships gold medals to his name.  His mother survived the Armenian Genocide. His father served as a Captain in the Russian Army just prior to WWII. Both were instrumental in developing his “can do it” attitude. A world-class gymnast, he became entranced with diving while attending USC. Since then, Tom Hairabedian just couldn’t get enough — as a participator, coach and organizer.

Read More About Tom Hairabidean
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