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ISHOF Service Award

Kevin Moore - Santa Clara

2015 ISHOF Service Award


Growing up in Santa Clara, which has long been known for its youth recreation programs, it

was only natural that Kevin Moore developed a passion for sports and the benefits they bring

to the community. It is a community he loves and where he has lived his whole life, except

while attending college at Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you have never

heard of Chaminade, Kevin will tell you, it’s a small, unheralded Catholic college in Hawaii

that pulled off “the biggest upset” in college basketball history, when it upset #1 ranked

Virginia in 1982. Kevin, in high school at the time, was considering attending Chaminade and remembers his dad showing him a newspaper headline one day that read “OBSCURE TEAM TOPPLES NUMBER ONE”. This event cemented his decision to attend Chaminade.


Two years later, Kevin was fortunate enough to watch the Chaminade Silverswords continue their tradition of upsetting some of college basketball’s top powerhouse teams. Witnessing these games left Kevin with an infectious, almost evangelical confidence that “anything is possible” through a combination of hard work, persistence and enthusiasm. In his senior year, Kevin used this same hard work, persistence and enthusiasm to earn a spot on the Chaminade basketball team.


After college, he became a real estate agent and got involved with education and athletic projects. He joined Santa Clara’s Parks and Recreation Commission. During his tenure as chairman of the Commission, the San Tomas Aquino / Saratoga Creek Trail project and youth soccer park were launched.


Believing the city would benefit from a professional sports franchise, he led two failed attempts to attract major league baseball to town. Then, in 2003, he wrote a letter to John York, owner of the San Francisco 49ers, asking him to consider what Santa Clara had to offer as a site for a new NFL stadium for the 49ers. The following year he was elected to the Santa Clara City Council and while the history of Levi’s stadium was being written, he embarked on another project - a new swim center for Santa Clara.


Although not a competitive swimmer himself, he had learned to swim at the George Haines International Swim Center, had met the great George Haines and was proud of Santa Clara’s international reputation for producing Olympic superstars, including the 1964 Associated Press and ABC Wide World of Sports “Athlete of the Year,” Don Schollander.


“Long before Levi’s Stadium,” he says, “George Haines and our swimmers put Santa Clara on the map as a town

where children could grow up in a healthy environment and dream of being Olympic champions.”

When he learned the Hall of Fame was looking to leave Fort Lauderdale in 2007, he immediately saw a connection.

His vision for the new aquatic center was not just to be a great place for swimmers, but also a place where children

and adults from Santa Clara and around the world, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, could learn about an activity

that is both an essential life-skill and a sport that made Santa Clara world famous. For over eight years he has

pursued ISHOF with the same passion, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm that brought the 49ers to Santa

Clara, and while the final chapter on the International Swimming Hall of Fame/Santa Clara has not been written, the

Hall wants to thank Kevin Moore with this award for all that he has done so far.

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