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National Swimming Pool Foundation (USA)

Step Into Swim Campaign

2017 Paragon Award / Aquatic Safety


In 2012, The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) introduced its Step into Swim (SIS) program, a 10-year, learn to swim initiative to create one million more swimmers in an effort to improve public health and reduce drowning by teaching children, adults, and minority populations to swim. The campaign asks aquatic businesses, associations, and the public sector to sponsor organizations that are already teaching people to swim. To help the public and private sector understand the importance of learning to swim, the NSPF issued a white paper, which explains the benefits of creating more swimmers, and how more people swimming can relieve increasing healthcare costs propelled by physical inactivity, an aging society and troubling high drowning rates.


The National Swimming Pool Foundation works with different learn to swim programs all over the country in their Step into Swim Campaign, some of them include: The American Red Cross, Jewish Community Centers, Miracle Swimming, Swim Today, U.S. Swim School Association and the YMCA.


The Step into Swim Campaign enables underprivileged children across the country to learn the lifesaving skill of swimming. Large donations support the vision of creating happier and healthier lives by preventing drowning while creating more swimmers, and recognizing the resulting effect of building demand for swimming pools, hot tubs and aquatic facilities. Every dollar collected for Step into Swim goes directly toward the sponsored learn to swim programs.


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