Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

1975 Ray and Audrey Scott


For Ray, a lecturer and head of Law and Accounting at the Folkestone College of

Technology, and Audrey, a nurse, long distance swimming was their adopted passion, but neither would claim to be swimmers. Supporting English Channel swimming became their life. Nothing was too much trouble for this husband-and-wife team who ran the Channel Swimming Association for 33 years. Ray served as Chairman from 1960– 1993 and then as Secretary from 1993– 1994 after Audrey died. Ray acted as an Association Observer for over 300 swims (his first was in 1950) and was present on many of the great occasions in Channel swimming history.


Audrey served initially as Assistant Secretary and in the early 1970’s took over as Honorary Secretary until her death in 1993. Such was her commitment and admiration for those who took on the English Channel that Audrey tried to see every swimmer start and finish, although logistics did not always make that possible. In the swim season she served the worldwide membership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a willing heart and never a word of complaint.


In 1975 Ray and Audrey Scott were presented the Irving Davids / Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award for their contributions to the administration of open water swimming.

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