Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

2007 Silvia Dalotto


Silvia Dalotto has done much to enhance marathon swimming in Argentina and throughout South America. Upon completion of her own marathon swimming career, Silvia assisted the Race Organizers in Argentina with the organization of their respective races. During this period, she built an extremely tight bond with the swimmers and acted on their behalf with race organizers. She became the liaison with the South American swimmers and the other marathon event organizers throughout the world as well as the contact with the world’s swimmers to the South American events. During the critical financial crisis in Argentina, she was primarily responsible for the continuance of many events. She proved to be an excellent liaison between the Argentina Swimming Association and the race promoters. She is a certified FINA Open Water Official and has officiated at the FINA Open Water World Championships. On a visit to the United States, she was asked to attend a meeting of the Atlantic City Marathon Swim Organizing Committee. Her explanations and presentations proved invaluable in the committee decision-making process.

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